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1, dual mono, 4 transformers, true balance circuit;

2, dual 33-step Seiden level rotary switch, only in StereoKnight;

3, dual 6/0 dB gain switch; input selector;

4, mutiple input and output both for RCA & XLR;

5, 80% nickel permalloy core, 5N square-core copper wire made transformers

6, Ultimate silver upgrade availalbe: solid silver wire wounded transformers and all silver wires;

The unique design of our new tube preamp "Magnetic Enigma-1.0R" can be told from its unique name: 'magnetic' indicats its direct origin from StereoKnight magnetic passive preamp. Not only does this tube preamp use four transformers for volume attenuation, but also another two transformers for signal output and two more for power supplies! see details here....

  • "Magnetic Silverstone-B&R", balance passive preamp with remote control !

It is more like a smaller Enigma-1.0R with 4 transformers promising the true balance signal treatment. Other features include multiple in/out ( 3 RCA and 2 BAL input, and 2 RCA, 2 BAL output ) that is capable to support up to two amps or amp + subwoofer. Remote wand and high grade LCD display are the extra plus...



  • StereoKnight auidophile cables are now knighted to enhance the performance of StereoKnight preamp and amp : X-link
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