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StereoKnight Hi Fi Technology is a new hi fi research and manufacture oriented business which was founded in 2007 by a group of audiophiles and engineers who share the same goal designing and manufacturing the best hi fi gears for most part of audiophiles in the world. 

In one word, StereoKnight Hi Fi is truly an enterprise of audiophiles, by audiophiles and for audiophiles.

Originally StereoKnight was founded upon designs that are based on tube amplifiers. The forerunners to the first Stereoknight products (audio transformers) were originally designed in early 2000, mostly supply to the senior audiophiles in local.  Professional production for amplifiers designed for home audio use was started in 2007. 

StereoKnight now is based in Germantown, Tennessee. As an U.S based manufacturer and distributor in hi fi area, the StereoKnight will always dedicated to produce the highest level of hi fi products by combining the best technology and designs. Traditional side of StereoKnight is that all present design and manufacturing are inspired and based on tubes.  We try to glorify the best part of tubes in reproducing most hi fi sound of record.  The design of StereoKnight products are widely and deeply a process of referencing those prestigious hi fi brands, and also incorporated our own hi fi philosophy and mind inside.  

At manufacturing side, computerized and modern testing equipment were since added to the StereoKnight quality assurance process. These modern manufacturing practices will assure you that every piece of StereoKnight product is manufactured with consistently high quality and will reliably work in your system for many years.  In addition, we use only the highest audiophile grade components in our products including Japan nichicon and USA Hovland (musicap) capacitor, tantalum film resistors, custom designed and hand wound transformers, StereoKnight special designed speaker binding posts, gold plated inputs jacks, and Japan made ceramic tube sockets, etc.  StereKnight designs and manufactures all transformers used in our products. 

With our experience, design and commitment to high quality in all that we do we specialize in offering you a full range of limited production, hand-built,  high quality and refined hi fi products from tube amplifiers, audiophile cables, preamplifiers, CD player and LP, etc.

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Phone: 1-901-283-0073 / Fax: 1-901-248-6866 / email: info@stereoknight.com / sales@stereoknight.com