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Data specifications

Tube complement two 6H30 as the drivers, two 6922 as the amplifiers
Frequence response 8 Hz ~ 80 KHz , -1 ~ +1 dB
Input Impedance 600 ~ 20k ohms variable depending on the source
Volume control

4 transformers at balance input, 2 transformers at RCA input, used to attenuate with 33 steps which connected to 33 digital relays. The relays are controld by a CPU or IC that receives the signal from a digital stepper which is either the consequence of turning the volume knob or the instruction from remote control.

Output Impedance

600 ohms balanced. The Enigma is of pure balanced circuit design, so the 2 RCA output is converted from the balanced output.

Gain 20 dB
Output voltage 20v RMS balanced at 2v RMS input at less than 1% THD at 1kHz
S / N > 100 dB at 1KHz
Input selections

4 pairs RCA single-ended ; 3 pairs balanced / XLR

Output selections

2 pairs balanced / XLR ; 2 pairs RCA ( two amplifiers or one amplifier and one subwoofer can be connected same time either by balanced output or RCA output )

Remote control functions Source select, output select, volume up /down, mute, dimmer, balance adjust +/-
Power consumption 45 watts
Dimensions (W * D * H) 430 * 400 * 140mm or 17 * 15.5 * 5.5 inches
Weight 48 lbs (22 Kg) net weight, 61 lbs (28 Kg) shipping weight

Specifications subect to change without notice

Tech details about magnetic Enigma-1.0R

The unique design of the new tube preamp model "magnetic Engima-1.0R" can be implied from the prefix of the name: "magnetic", which indicates the direct origin from StereoKnight magnetic passive preamp. Not only does Enigma-1.0R use 4 transformers for volume attenuation, but also another 2 transformers for signal output and two more for power supplies!

The remarkable level of performance has been achieved with all new audio and power supply circuits. The new audio circuit is pure tube, Class-A, with zero feedback, utilizing a total of four long-life tubes (2 6H30 as the drivers and 2 6922 as the amplifiers); and further, it is ture balance ciurcuit design in both input and output stage with the support of 4 volume control transformers. For balanced input signal, each channel has two oppsite signals: plus and negative one. Theoretically, it needs 4 transformers to attenuate 4 seperate input signals for two channel source. StereoKnight had implemented this theory into the design of magnetic passive preamp (refer to the models of Silverstone balance series) and the performance is exceptional good. Magnetic Enigma-1.0R is direct upgrade from StereoKnight reference version of magnetic passive preamp by utilizing tube amplifiers and output transformers. One great advantage of this magnetic feature is its capability for optimal matching with any amps and interconnects while accepting any sources input at various impedance levels. With the least interfering audio consideration, the power supply is divided into two seperate parts: main power transformer used to power the audio circuit, a smaller power transformer is designed to support remote control and LED display functions. MOSFET is just used for both voltage stablization and constant current supplying, which enhances the reliability and makes tube amplification linearly to the best.

With its great build quality, audiophile grade compoents, versatility and the ability to musically transform every system, the result is that not only does the Enigma-1.0R deliver striking clarity and detail that presents instrumental timbres and textures in an amazingly lifelike way, but also represents great value with great reliability and vision.

Feature summary of the Magnetic Enigma-1.0R line stage preamplifier

  • Fully differential circuit with balanced in and out
  • 4 transformers for volume attenuation with 33 steps
  • Transformer output
  • Pure tube, Class-A, with Zero feedback audio circuit
  • Versatile to match all kinds of amplifier and interconects based on full magnetic or transformers implement design
  • Capable to drive two amplifiers or one amp + one subwoofer same time either through two balanced or RCA outputs
  • Full remote control on volume, source selection, output selection, balance adjustment, dimmer, etc.
  • MOSFET for voltage stabilization and constant current supplying
  • Hovland musicap capacitor in signal path
  • Detachable IEC power cord, high quality gold-plated StereoKnight custom binding posts and RCA jacks, TEFLON insulated wire and Japan made POCC rectangular solid core copper wire all the way
  • Full machined alluminum alloy chassis and remote wand for best vision and build quality

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