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  • 18-months default warranty valid in USA and internationally
  • Hassle free post-sale services
  • One month satisfaction guaranteed
  • Best support to authurized dealers and customers

StereoKnight amplifiers and preamplifiers are covered by a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 18 months from date of purchase by the original purchaser only.  The warranty period begins on date of first sale to the end user, or one year after shipment from the StereoKnight factory, whichever is the earlier.  This warranty is not transferable and only available to the original purchaser upon proper registration of ownership within 30 days of date of first purchase.

The warranty is provided by the dealer where the unit was purchased, and by StereoKnight Hi Fi Techonology LLC. Under the terms of the warranty defective parts will be repaired or replaced without charge, excepting the cost of tubes.  Warranty for tubes are 90 days.

If a StereoKnight product fails to perform properly under the above warranty then the purchaser's sole remedy shall be to return the product to the authorized StereoKnight dealer or to StereoKnight Hi Fi Techonology LLC., where the defect will be repaired without charge for parts and labor. The product will then be returned via prepaid, insured freight, method and carrier to be determined solely by StereoKnight Hi Fi Technology Inc.  All returns to the factory must be in the original packing and accompanied by a Return Authorization, (new packing will be supplied for a nominal charge if needed), accompanied by a written description of the defect. This must be shipped to StereoKnight Hi Fi Technology LLC. via insured freight at the customer's own expense. Charges for unauthorized service and transportation costs are not reimbursable under this warranty, and all warrantees, express or implied, become null and void where the product has been damaged by misuse, accident, neglect, modification, tampering or unauthorized alteration by anyone other than StereoKnight.  StereoKnight does not warrant, in any way, products that are purchased from anyone who is not an Authorized Dealer or that have had their serial number altered or defaced.

This warranty applies only to units used in residential non-commercial use. The warrantor assumes no liability for property damage or any other incidental or consequential damage whatsoever which may result from failure of this product. Any and all warrantees of merchantability and fitness implied by law are limited to the duration of the expressed warranty. All warrantees apply only to StereoKnight products purchased and used in the USA, and are only applicable within the USA. Products purchased outside the USA may not be registered for warranty with the factory in the USA, but may only be registered with the StereoKnight distributor in the country of purchase. In the case of returns from outside the USA, the owner of the product returned is responsible for all shipping charges, and StereoKnight will accept no shipping or customs duty charges for goods returned to the USA, nor any shipping or customs duty charges for the return of the product to the owner.

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