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StereoKnight Style

As a company driven by innovation and adopting best parts and design in many areas of user interface and product value, StereoKnight has a number of technical and unique features to its credit. Top notch standard on performance, design and manufacturing is just one axis of StereoKnight; in the other axis, reliability, durability and customer service are always on top priority.

StereoKnight design philosophy: simple, beautiful and reliable

Sounds as beautiful as it looks, worth much more than it costs, operates more years than you expected. This should be the best reflection of StereoKnight philosophy.

You may think our products look nice - actually, it sounds more than wonderful! We took quite a few efforts to design how StereoKnight product looks like; we hope the appearance will precisely reflect the nature of StereoKnight sound, which should be crystal, vivid and dynamic.  Rather, we took a big lot time tuning the sound, testing the new parts or new winding methods for new designed transformer. 

We may translates the StereoKnight philosophy to the following design criteria - use simple circuits while always applying the best design or technology, pay attention to details and audiophiles concerns, and use all high grade parts. Proper high quality parts, and less complex but inspired circuits yield the pure tube sound of StereoKnight.

StereoKnight assurance of quality

StereoKnight do design and manufacturing all from picky and ambitious audiophiles’ view.  For example, most wires connecting parts inside chassis were covered by TEFLON tube for two reasons: preventing overheating fire, and influence sound least; some wires were hand made by compositing several kinds of selected enameled wires in proportion. 


We widely used Japan made POCC rectangular solid core copper wire as the wire inside the unit for passing the signal, which is usually used by big brand to make high cost interconnect cables. Another example is capacitor. Japan made Nichicon and USA Hovland (musicap) are used in all StereoKnight product.

  • All components and each measurement which may improve sound performance or enhance the reliability of the unit will be under careful consideration; all products also undergo a complete final quality control test where listening tests are performed;
  • All mechanical and electrical assemblies are examined and signed off.
  • All StereoKnight product are Lab safety tested and approved for home use; user-replaceable AC and high tension fuses protect amplifier against component failure

High quality and heavy duty aluminum alloy chassis and faceplate construction have become basic to StereoKnight. It adds a big weight and cost to StereoKnight product, but it also:

  • bring bright features to appearance
  • sturdy base for heavy duty operations
  • reduce vibration and noise

StereoKnight focus on easy tubes such as KT88, 6922

StereoKnight is proudly confident of producing best tube sound by using common tubes such as KT88. KT88 or 6550 are used for power amplifying.  We value KT88 only based on following considerations:

  • Designed and engineered properly and assisted with high quality transformers, KT88 can produce all typical ‘tube sound’ which maybe only marked to 300B, 2A3 or 845.
  • KT88 is stable, reliable and long life time tube
  • KT88 is typical power tubes that means it outputs more power
  • Plenty of stock, low cost                                        

The type of tubes does not matter music most; the design and engineering matter. Because taking highest grade electrolytic capacitors and output transformer as well as high voltage power transformer, the ZERO-NEGATIVE-FEEDBACK is one unique feature among high power StereoKnight amplifiers which bring typical single ended class A tube like characteristic to StereoKnight’s sound.

High Power

We always recognize that high power is required for accurate reproduction of music in the home. STEREOKNIGHT made the most affordable mid and high power tube amplifier such as M-75, while keep meeting the highest level for performance as well as highest standard for manufacturing.

Audiophile Friendliness

Since the beginning STEREOKNIGHT has consistently made user friendliness a top design priority, to bring the beauty of tube amplifiers accessible to more equipment owners. For example:

  • We designed our own binding post used in StereoKnight amplifier which is more durable and easy to fit all kinds of speaker cable connectors;
  • We applied all wires with TEFLON tube which will prevent over-heating fire hazard;
  • Tube enclosed chassis design four sides covered acrylic glass wall is not only to please cosmetic taste but also for preventing children and pet from burning.

Affordable to most audiophiles is the keen characteristic of StereoKnight marketing strategy.  Remembered that by the audiophiles, for the audiophiles, is the oath with which StereoKnight founded.  Without compromising grade of parts and standard of manufacturing, StereoKnight accomplish this goal by investing less in advertisement and by sacrificing unit profit.  StereoKnight was born to be keen friend to all audiophiles.

18 MONTH WARRANTY plus first level customer services





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